Heart Machine | The Heart Machine Team
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The Heart Machine Team

GAME 2 - Unannounced Title





Alx Preston

Creator + Director + Design + Art




Chelsea Hash

Technical Art




Chelsea Bolivar

Studio Manager




Cosimo Galluzzi

Concept + Enviro Art




Jack Covell

3D Character + Enviro Art




Max Kaufmann

Code + Gameplay




Michael Kwan

Code + Design




Rich Vreeland

Sounds + Music




Sean Ward




Nate Grove

Enviro Art




Zoë Quinn

Narrative Design


GAME 1 - Hyper Light Drifter




Alex Preston, Creator+Design+Art

I’ve been an illustrator and designer for a good long while now. Developing games has been a passion of mine since I was a child, though I’ve never had the courage and support until now to actually release something into the wild. Spread your neon wings you sweet pixelated bastard!

Beau Blyth, Design + Code

Developed loads of rad fast-paced arcade style games including the super bad-ass Samurai Gunn. A master of many disciplines and the designer of details, feel, combat and AI, he makes our enemies flee, cry, and die. Unending high fives/hugs/punches go his way.

Teddy Dief, Design + Code

A thoughtful soul who created The Moonlighters and Shove Pro, co-founded Rad Dragon, is a programmer and game designer extraordinaire. Dives deep into things such as systems design, narrative design and his ultimate mission of recreating the golden age of late 90s Squaresoft.

Casey Hunt, Design + Story

A visual amalgamist and philosopher monk, formerly of Three Legged Legs. Bestowing the lines and colors of his art magic upon the project, crafting levels, and using his command of the organizational arts to keep thing moving forward. He will surely keep us all honest, inspired, and enthused.

Rich Vreeland, Music

Creator of many wonderful games soundtracks – most widely for the fantastic Fez; Rich has been honing his craft like a razor for years. Rich’s incredible ability to create adaptive and deeply atmospheric music is second to none.

Akash Thakkar, Sound

A wandering audio designer who has lent his overly-sensitive ears to many indie game projects. Ever up for experimenting, playing, and creating luscious new sound experiences, Akash wants to use his skills to ultimately tell an engrossing story. 

Sean Ward, Animation

Sean Ward is concocting a bio. 

Lisa Brown, Assistant Design

Lisa has been a game designer in both the AAA and indie spaces and has even dabbled in the academic world. She loves combat design, educating the youths, and making personal, experimental games. If you’d like to chat with her, go play Imaginal.

Cosimo Galluzzi, Assistant Art

Illustrator, designer and bon vivant. The tall, perpetual foreigner who enjoys storytelling and world building. Interested in comics, animation and dining.